RadioShack Swap


Disclaimer: Tokenomics are subject to change without notice at any time while the app is in beta.
The overall tokenomics philosophy follows a modified version of Nash-Equilibrium Token Defense (NETD) formula that was originally developed by the Atlas USV protocol (Read about NETD here).
As such, RadioShack's initial fully diluted supply will include all the elements that were originally developed for Atlas USV, including:
  • Protocol Owned Defensive Lockbox (PODL)
  • K-Factor Marketing Lockbox (KFML)
  • Reciprocal Altruism Charity Lockbox (RACL)
  • Co-Founder Wallet (CFW)
  • Early Advisors and Capital Partners (EACP)
2 new pools are added to RadioShack NETD to account for the additional interplay of market participants:
  • RadioShack (RS Distributed) Treasury (RST)
  • Liquidity & Ecosystem Rewards Program (LERP)
One of the major differences between RadioShack Swap's tokenomics vs other swaps is that, in the Starfish Topology, 50% of the TVL of the entire protocol is RADIO paired with other tokens in various limbs of the Starfish (For example, for every $1 of USDC/DAI etc in the liquidity pools, the swap requires $1 of RADIO to be paired with it). This requires setting aside a large portion of the initial supply in PODL.
In the next two sections, all various pieces of the tokenomics puzzle will come together.